Hub City Pub Free Events


Thursday January 16th – 10pm to 1am

FM Berlin

Friday January 17th – 10pm to 1am


Saturday January 18th – 10pm to 1am

Tina Gautreau

Thursday January 23rd – 8pm to 11pm

Jared Lutes

Friday January 24th – 10pm to 1am

Big Bad Party Band

Saturday January 25th – 10pm to 1am


Thursday January 30th – 10pm to 1am

Spoiled Rotten

Friday January 31st – 10pm to 1am

Southern Comfort

Saturday February 1st – 10pm to 1am

Rik and Brendan

Thursday February 6th – 8pm to 11pm

Ivan Daigle

Friday February 7th – 10pm to 1am

Random Guyz

Saturday February 8th – 10pm to 1am

Liz and Ben

Thursday February 13th – 8pm to 1am

Matt Landry Band

Friday February 14th – 10pm to 1am

Big Bad Party Band

Saturday February 15th –  10pm to 1am

Copperline Duo

Saturday February 20th – 8pm to 11pm

Cunnigham Haines Band

Friday February 21st – 10pm to 1am


Saturday February 22nd – 10pm to 1am

Trusty Shoes

Thursday February 27th – 10pm to 1am


Saturday February 29th – 10pm to 1am

*Subject to change